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Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner - Sam's Soulutions Plant-Based Skincare
Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner - Sam's Soulutions Plant-Based Skincare
Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner - Sam's Soulutions Plant-Based Skincare
Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner
Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner - Sam's Soulutions Plant-Based Skincare

Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner

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Our handcrafted conditioner embodies locally sourced and harvested organic plants/herbs. Nourishing on a cellular level your hair with healthy all-natural plant-based ingredients. The heart awakening properties of Desert Rose create a sense of deep love and peaceful well-being. Geranium provides stimulating and awakening refreshment.
Our plant-based formula works to deeply nourish & repair the hair with a potent blend of nutrient-packed oils, Hydrating Aloe, Rice Proteins, and Vitamin B5. The Moisture Burst Hair Conditioner adds luminosity and shine while protecting hair against split ends. It is also a perfect treatment for dry, colored hair.  100% vegan, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, & biodegradable.
Handcrafted in Small Batches with 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients.

Aloe Vera Juice, Yarrow Infused Fractionated Coconut Oil, BTMS25 (Natural Emulsifier), Desert Rose Oil, Avocado Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Glycerin, Geranium, Leucidal Liquid (Natural Preservative), Vitamin E.

Rice protein is one of our key ingredients as it is packed with many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. It is a natural alternative to traditional volumizing agents that help to improve hair manageability, shine and volume. It’s also an effective treatment thanks to its strengthening, detangling, shine-enhancing and smoothing properties. Rice protein also has great moisturizing properties and improves the general condition of hair. It’s an ultimate hair hero!

Aloe Vera Juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which stimulate hair growth and nourish the follicles. It is famous for its cooling and soothing properties and is an incredible moisturizing agent rich in revitalizing & anti-inflammatory properties, relieving irritation and rejuvenating the hair. Further, it adds volume and texture, making the hair thicker and more resistant.

Yarrow is rich in linalool and 1,8-cineole, enabling deep penetration to nourish the hair and keep it healthier for longer. It also helps to add volume and protect the hair against damage and split ends.

Coconut Oil is packed with fatty acids that may help repair everyday damage, improve texture, and restore health and shine to your hair. It is a powerful moisturizer that is rich in lauric acid, which has nourishing properties that soak into the hair and provide moisture to tame frizz and heal breakage.

Vitamin B5 is one of the best and most popular ingredients in hair care. It is one of the few vitamins that’s able to penetrate the hair so deeply that it delivers so much moisture and makes your hair look fuller and softer. It also has an excellent ability to bond to the hair, adding more structure to each strand by adding layers of resilience and strength.

Broccoli Seed Oil is loaded with moisturizing fatty acids and vitamins that are essential to healthy hair growth. Its unique blend of essential fatty acids help impart shine on the hair, and its powerful antioxidants like vitamin C offer protection from free radicals and prevent premature aging of hair.

Avocado Oil is extremely rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, making it one of few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize your hair and provide strength. It is packed with antioxidants and vitamin E, which can reverse and heal damage done by the sun’s rays.

Desert rose oil is an amazing emollient with moisturizing properties, essential vitamins and nutrients that help it moisturize your hair on contact. It can help strengthen each individual strand by nourishing it with vitamins that help smooth over frayed ends and prevent breakage, while also increasing the appearance of shiny, healthy hair.

Rosehip Seed Oil is packed with anti-inflammatory and vitamins that are needed for nourishing your hair. The abundance of healthy fatty acids make rosehip oil great for locking in moisture, softening and reinvigorating your hair.


Geranium Oil boasts antioxidants and flavonoids, making it great to fight free radicals and keep your hair strong and healthy. Not only does it gently hydrate your hair for radiant glowing hair, but it also balances the soul with its lovely smell by initiating feelings of happiness and support.

Vitamin E: an antioxidant staple, Vitamin E fights against free radical damage while helping to renew, repair, and protect hair.




Massage into wet hair, wait, then rinse. Best used in conjunction with our shampoo.