Strengthen Skin Naturally with Silica from Bamboo

Are you looking to protect and improve your skin's barrier? Bamboo extract is an excellent choice to naturally strengthen the skin. Bamboo has been used for centuries as an anti-irritating moisturizing agent that works to soothe the skin, improving radiance whilst fighting against premature skin aging. Bamboo Extract is rich in silica deposits, an essential ingredient that helps to strengthen the skin.

What is Silica?

Silica is a naturally occurring mineral sourced from plants, and water. Plant sources provide some of the highest levels of silica, and Bamboo possesses the richest amount of silica of any plant. To be precise, Bamboo contains ten times the amount of silica than the more commonly known horsetail or nettle. For centuries, Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese herbal medicine communities have been using Bamboo extract as an effective remedy to treat psoriasis, relieve congestion, promote bone healing, calm skin burns and heal wounds. The silica present in Bamboo Extract also helps to increase skin elasticity and promote collagen production.


Which Products Contain Bamboo?

You can find high levels of Bamboo Extract in both our Regenerating Serum and Restoring Face Cream.


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