How best to prepare for mercury in retrograde from February 17 to March 10, 2020

This Mercury retrograde is coming in with the House of Pisces. Which is actually a very powerful sign (The symbol of Pisces are two fish swimming in opposite directions.) That is a water sign. Water represents emotion. Therefore we can anticipate this will be a powerful mercury in retrograde that will focus on emotional energies in our relationships. There may be a lot of intense relationship “happenings” so please be cautious about how you communicate to your partners and your interpersonal relationships during this time. People can be more on edge than normal.

Pisces are also known to be the most psychic of all The astrology signs as they are the last sign of the 12 horoscopes.  So normally I always tell people go with your gut, trust your intuition over your mind. However realize that Mercury in retrograde will send mixed signals and confusing signals so your intuition that’s normally spot on may almost feel like there radio signal transmission disturbances. Use discrimination and discretion when it comes to your intuition during the time Mercury is in retrograde.

Lastly, this will be a time of technology issues. So make sure you back up your computers and back up your Smart devices! I repeat back up you’re smart devices! lol Be very careful with anything that has to do with technology. Especially banking and paying people electronically as this a time you may find your credit card/check card compromised. Pay attention to fraud alerts and if you don’t have fraud alert set on your apps then I recommend you do so. You may find yourself being charged incorrectly. You may get yourself locked out of your bank account. You may have your electronic devices suddenly break for no apparent reason.

Bottom line - This is a time to kind of reel things in and keep yourself grounded, present, and calm.

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