Are Essential Oils Good or Bad for Skin?

Hey there skincare lover! In our first blog post we’ll be discussing our view on using essential oils in natural plant-based skincare. Ok, time to get our Carrie Bradshaw on…


We love essential oils and have seen amazing results from incorporating them into a natural skincare routine. They’re powerfully potent herbal ingredients that have a wide range of skin healing & balancing benefits as well as being incredibly calming and uplifting for the mind and spirit. Personally, essential oils are a big part of what I accredit to helping heal my acne scars, so they'll always have a place in my heart and skincare routine.


However, we do know that some people feel that essential oils do more harm than good in skincare and view them as irritants. While this may be the case if they are overused or not diluted correctly, we believe that when formulated with appropriate ratios essential oils can effectively aid in the natural healing & rejuvenation of the skin.


We’ve carefully formulated our essential oil infused products to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins, while still packing enough power for optimal skin benefits. What this means is, we've tested our essential oil ratios and have kept our levels far below the daily use maximum limit to ensure that no sensitivities occur.


Don’t want any essential oils in your skincare? Not to worry, we’ve also created many essential oil and fragrance free options. These products include: Soothing Face Spritz, Restoring Face Cream, and Regenerating Serum. We're also planning to add more essential oil and fragrance free options to our collection very soon.


Peace, love, and beauty,

Sam xo

What are your thoughts on essential oils in skincare? Comment below!

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